A Valentine's Poem for Good Ole #1

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

GoAUpher: Bumping because I love a good on the fly sports poem. Well done!

I had a lot of extra time at work this morning. Woke up at 4 AM and couldn't go back to sleep. Anyways, here's a little something in honor of the #1 Gopher player, both in jersey number and in my heart.

In the year of our Lord, two thousand eleven,

A young man appeared as if from heaven.

He had a familiar name, stood six two.

Had a jumper to make grown men weep: boo hoo.

Infectious smile, enthusiasm galore,

Improved his game on the new Barn floor.

NITs, NCAAS, ups and downs all around,

Andre was still always raining from down town.

Dropped 41 against Memphis, 28 on the Bruins,

Soon Pitino came along to fix up the ruins.

Struggled with injuries, knees, ankles, and back,

Coach P called him "not elite", Dre took the flack.

Kept on rollin’ this season, adversity aplenty,

Last seven games, he’s averaged over twenty.

Not meant to be a jinx, this poem’s an ode,

To a guy who’s traveled the Minnesota road.

Model student and person, he’s one of kind.

He’s more than the game, a good man with a strong mind.

Thank you Andre Hollins for four great seasons.

You’ve given us memories and plenty of reasons,

To believe in a turnaround near the end of the year,

A new hope arises for the team we hold dear.

I remember the kiss you blew at the Barn,

Beating the Badgers, you had quite the charm.

It ain’t over yet, so I’m excited to see,

What this new found scoring explosion can turn out to be.

Put this team on your back, you’ve earned the right,

To make sure the squad don’t go down without a fight.

Six games left, there’s still time don’t you ever give up,

You’re far removed from that once young Memphis pup.

The opportunities are there to up that RPI.

Beat the Badgers once or twice, give them reason to cry.

Gather the boys, Deandre, Joey, and Mo

Tell ‘em, "We got this, we can make it fo sho!"

It may be a fool’s errand to hope for a tourney birth,

But I know that you’ll give effort to move heaven and earth,

To see the maroon and gold go dancin’ in March,

With that smooth 3-point shot and it’s beautiful arch.

Thanks again Andre for four great years,

I know that you’ll leave to lengthy, loud cheers.

It’s V-Day soon so just know that I love yah,

Here’s to you Andre Hollins, one last time SKI-U-MAH!

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