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Gophers On Road Again, Looking to Beat Indiana - OPEN THREAD

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6:30 PM



Pos. Minnesota Golden Gophers Pnt/Gm Pnt/Gm Indiana Hoosiers Pos.
PG Deandre Mathieu 8.1 16.3 Yogi Ferrell PG
G Andre Hollins 14.8 9.3 Robert Johnson G
G Carlos Morris 11.7 15.9 James Blackmon F
F Joey King 8.8 5.4 Collin Hartman F
F Maurice Walker 11.9 13.4 Troy Williams C
Bench Nate Mason 9.6 6.8 Hanner Mosqueera Perea Bench
Bench Elliott Eliason 3.6 3.4 Stanford Robinson
Bench Charles Buggs 3.6 6.2 Nick Zeisloft

Important game for the Gophers if they want to sustain some momentum they have built over the last couple weeks. If their dream of the NCAA Tournament is to stay within a snoball's chance, they are going to need another nice road win or two.

Keys to a Gopher Win

Defend the Perimeter -
Yogi Ferrell and the stud freshman, Blackmon are going to be a handful to defend. Overall Indiana is 5th in the nation in 3pnt FG% and 16th in eFG%. This team can score from the outside and we will need to defend them out to the line. Remember when DeAngelo Russell had 25 points in the first half against us? Can't have that happen tonight. Mathieu and Hollins will be key defenders tonight.

Make Free Throws -
On the road in a key game, we will need to be clutch from the line. Getting calls in your favor is not necessarily something I expect to see but when we get to the line we need to make them count. Obviously not a strength but if this is to be a tight game and one we want to win, this is going to be important.

Maroon_key_medium Dominate the Paint - Indiana isn't exactly all that big in the middle and this is an area we can potentially exploit. Need Walker to have a controlled game in the paint on both ends of the floor. I suspect we will see sets early getting the ball into the post and trying to open things up that way.