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Big Ten Basketball Power Poll--Mid-February Edition

Things are tightening up...

This guy hit a big shot on Valentines Day...
This guy hit a big shot on Valentines Day...
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So...real life got in the way and we missed this for a couple weeks.  Ooops.  So the last week's rankings are from the last time we posted this a few weeks ago.  Oh well...

Anyways, in case you have forgotten the deal, I vote weekly in a Big Ten Basketball Power Poll for along with several other Big Ten bloggers.  Our votes are cast on Sunday night...meaning the votes you will see below will not take into any consideration games post Sunday night.  I will give you my votes, and then put in at the bottom how the compilation of the voters ranked the teams in each spot.  If you want to see the full poll, it can be linked to at here.

So onto the rankings:

#1 Wisconsin Badgers (23-2 (11-1))  LW: 1

The Badgers are on an eight game winning streak and have shown no weaknesses along the way.  With Penn State and the Gophers in the schedule this week, especially with the Minnesota game in Madison....yeah don't really see that changing.

#1 Overall--Wisconsin

#2 Maryland Terrapins (21-5 (9-4)) LW: 3

Maryland's loss to Iowa looks worse and worse as the season goes on, but their win over Indiana last week is a big reason why the Terps are sitting at #2 this week.  With a game at home against Nebraska this week, it should be an easy win unless they are looking for ahead to their home tilt against Wisconsin next week.

#2 Overall--Maryland

#3 Ohio State Buckeyes (19-7 (8-5)) LW: 2

The Buckeyes lost a tight one at Michigan State last week, but are still arguably the third best team in the conference.  They have been beating up on the weaker teams of the conference lately and struggling against decent teams in Purdue and MSU.  The Buckeyes have a week to think about their loss before a must win against Michigan Sunday.

#3 Overall--Michigan State

#4 Indiana Hoosiers (16-6 (6-3)) LW: 4

The Hoosiers have dropped some tough games against Wisconsin and Maryland the last couple of weeks, but looked great in beating the Gophers Sunday night.  This team is very dangerous when playing they way they can.  They need to try and get revenge over Purdue for their earlier loss this week, and if they can they can, they should be able to put a strangle hold on a first round bye in the Big Ten Tournament.

#4 Overall--Ohio State

#5 Michigan State Spartans (17-8 (8-4)) LW: 5

The Spartans dropped a winnable game to Illinois, but appear to be on their annual second half of the season hot streak.  A big win over the Buckeyes has put them in the heart of the race for the second seed in the Big Ten Tournament, but two big road games at Michigan and Illinois this week will tell us whether they are serious contenders, or still pretenders.

#5 Overall--Purdue

#6 Purdue Boilermakers (17-89(9-4)) LW: 6

Purdue continues to be the surprise of the Big Ten, but they look like they deserve to stay near the top.  Except for a loss at Minnesota, they have won six of seven Big Ten games, including games over Iowa, Ohio State, and Indiana.  They get a big rematch game this week in Bloomington which will be huge for both teams.

#6 Overall--Indiana

#7 Illinois Fighting Illini (17-9 (7-6)) LW:9

The Illini had won four Big Ten games in a row before dropping their most recent tilt in Madison, but there is no shame in that.  They got one big win over Michigan State, and get a chance at another this week to try and prove they are better than just the bottom of the middle.

#7 Overall--Purdue

#8 Michigan Wolverines (13-2 (6-7) LW:7

The Wolverines have lost four games in a row, granted to decent competition.  This may just be the beginning of their fall to the bottom however as their next three games are versus Michigan State, Ohio State and at Maryland.  Oof.

#8 Overall--Iowa/Michigan Tie

#9 Minnesota Gophers (16-10 (5-8)) LW:12

The Gophers seemed to have been figuring it out before their loss at Indiana last Sunday.  They are getting good play from Andre Hollins, and Mo Walker is getting steals at least, if he isn't excelling on the boards.  Wins over Purdue and Iowa were nice, but they still are far from a chance on the NCAA Tournament bubble.  A must win over Northwestern, and a chance at a miracle at Wisconsin this week lie ahead.

#9 Overall--Iowa/Michigan Tie

#10 Iowa Hawkeyes (15-10 (6-6)) LW: 8

Iowa has started a February swoon with losses at home to Minnesota and at Northwestern.  A home game against Rutgers should be loser proof...but then again.  Iowa has several winnable games down the stretch, but they will need to play better than they did last week.

#10 Overall--Minnesota

#11 Nebraska Cornhuskers (13-2 (5-8)) LW:10

The Huskers have not lived up to the hype.  They now can't seem to score...which would be shocking to hear a year ago.  Three losses in a row are not great, but the Penn State loss at home is most egregious.  Looking at the remaining schedule, it appears the Huskers have a decent chance at losing out the rest of the season with games  against Maryland twice, Iowa, Ohio State and Illinois left.

#11 Overall--Nebraska

#12 Penn State Nittany Lions (15-11 (3-10) LW:11

Penn State got an unexpected win at Nebraska last week, but that might be the highlight of the remainder of their season.  The rest of the games aren't amazingly tough, Northwestern, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio State and Minnesota...but should be tough enough.

#12 Overall--Northwestern/Penn State Tie

#13 Northwestern Wildcats (11-14 (2-10) LW:14

Northwestern shocked Iowa last Sunday in Evanston, but they always seem to do that at least once a season.  They may still squeak out one more win...either Penn State, or Iowa again, or even Minnesota ore not completely unwinnable...but it will most likely be the early game in the Big Ten Tournament and done for the Wildcats.

#13 Overall--Northwestern/Penn State Tie

#14 Rutgers Scarlet Knights (10-16 (2-11) LW:13

Lets just all say it together. not good.  Nine losses in a row after their shocker over Wisconsin.  The rest of the way does not look good.  2-16 is very very possible.

#14 Overall--Rutgers

Comment and tell me where you think I am right, wrong, or just stupid.