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Golden Nugz: 02-18-15

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Well, I suppose I should actually post something every once in a while here.  I do have a couple things in the hopper that I just wish I had more time to complete but I found a few Nugz worth things today and I think I can get this out there for my favorite Gopher community.

The best of recent reads is this from Joe Christensen who sat down with Matt Limegrover to get some thoughts looking ahead to Spring Practices in a couple weeks.  This has good info and is worth the read.

  • The Gophers return plenty of experience and flexibility along the offensive line.  Watch for Josh Campion to move to guard this spring to see how that plays out.  And center will also be seeing some moving parts with Christensen on the mend.
  • Running back situation is as murky as we expect.
  • Wide Receiver has a lot of young guys...PLEASE someone be a good one.

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