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Minnesota Beats Michigan State 96-90 in Overtime

The Honeycrisp Trophy returns to Minnesota.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota beats Michigan State 96-90 in overtime! Carlos Morris tied the game with two seconds left in regulation. The Gophers managed to make the majority of their free throws in overtime and played just enough defense to seal the win. Minnesota is now 6-10 on the season. Five Gophers finished in double figures.

After a relatively close first half, Minnesota played tough defense and had just enough offense to stay with the Spartans. The Gophers pulled back into the lead with 10 minutes to go in the second half, but unfortunately, the Breslin Center remains an evil dastardly place for Minnesota. Andre Hollins was called for a fourth foul. Minnesota took back the lead only to see Travis Trice make a three after a no call on an obvious push off. Trice then made another three after which the Spartans forced a turnover that Branden Dawson scored on to take back the lead.

Once again a Minnesota game on the road came down to the final minute. For the second time in the half, Joey King made a defender bite on a pump fake from behind the three point line. King made all three free throws to make it a two point game. Denzel Valentine was fouled, and missed a free throw. On Minnesota's final possession of the second half, Carlos Morris found himself open on the wing, made the three, and was fouled. Of course, he missed the free throw, but he sent the game into overtime.

In overtime, Minnesota brought a ton of energy and hustle. The Gophers even briefly went on a run of making free throws. DeAndre Mathieu made several critical shots, and Andre Hollins sealed it at the end.


  • Joey King had himself a game. Michigan State forgot to read the scouting report that King pump fakes all the time, and he used that move to get to the line several times. King finished with 17 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 assists.
  • Carlos Morris was decidedly good Squirrel tonight. In addition to the shot to send the game into overtime, Morris led the team in scoring with 20 points. He added four rebounds and a steal.
  • Perhaps most importantly...