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Minnesota Football Recruiting: Mose Hall signs with the Golden Gophers

Mose is officially a Golden Gopher!


Name: Mose Hall
Position: Defensive End
Hometown/School: Mobile(AL), Murphy High School
Profile: 2247Sports Profile // Scroll of the Sworn!
Rating: - 0.8004 Composite Score

How he fits:

At 6'4" 250, Hall is already in the tweener range for a high school defensive linemen. He could easily bulk up into the 280-285 range and slide down to tackle, or he could work on his explosiveness to remain at end as a run stuffer. Either way, Mose has a fair bit of versatility depending on how his frame responds to training. What Mose brings to the end spot in this defense is someone who can physically set the edge and provide an anchor against the run, something the Minnesota lines have struggled with a bit as the staff transitioned from the MAC (where they faced mostly spread offenses) to the Big Ten (where 3 of their rivals are zone based rushing attacks). Hall would join a rotation of Gaelin Elmore and Andrew Stelter as bigger defensive ends that can play a multitude of roles for Coach Claeys and Phelps.

Chances to play in 2015:

In an ideal situation....none.  With a bunch of sophomore d-lineman, you would hope that the Gophers could redshirt Hall and get him stronger and bigger before he enters the d-line rotation in 2016.