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Minnesota Football Recruiting: Rashad Still signs with the Golden Gophers

Rashad is officially a Golden Gopher!


Name: Rashad Still
Position: Wide Receiver
Hometown/School: El Paso (TX), Andress High School
Profile: 247Sports Profile // Scroll of the Sworn!
Rating: - 0.8073 Composite Score

How he fits:

Rashad fits into what this staff has been moving towards with their wideout targets: bigger bodied receivers who can win aerial battles and make life easier for QBs with a big catch radius. As an added bonus, Still's frame should also serve well as an edge run blocker -- and you all know how important that is to an offense than runs the ball roughly 70% of the time. Still is very raw but has the height and arm length that made the staff take notice. He'll need to work on improving his entire game, starting with strength and explosiveness but also to avoid body catching and getting a better release off the line.

Chances to play in 2015:

Unlikely.  With three receivers who will be redshirt freshman next fall, Still can take the year he will need to get stronger and learn proper WR technique.