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Minnesota Football Recruiting: Antonio Shenault signs with the Golden Gophers

Antonio is officially a Golden Gopher!


Name: Antonio Shenault
Position: Cornerback
Hometown/School: Roselle (IL), Lake Park High School
Profile: 247Sports Profile // Scroll of the Sworn!
Rating: - 0.8285 Composite Score

How he fits:

An ideal nickel or field corner at the next level. Has the ability to play press man or zone coverage, which is important in Claeys' base quarters defense. Additionally, Coach Sawvel has made it a priority to recruit defense backs who can come up and make a stop in the run against downhill Big Ten foes, which is another thing Shenault brings to the table. He's not a tall or long cornerback, yet that's really not much of an issue since the Gophers already have a few taller CBs and need some quicker players to fill the nickel roles.

Chances to play in 2015:

Like the other Gopher DB recruits, it is definitely possible Shenault will see the field in 2015.  He will have a ear to learn and will be expected to strongly compete for a job in 2016.