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Minnesota Football Recruiting: Winston DeLattiboudere signs with the Golden Gophers

Winston is officially a Golden Gopher!


Name: Winston DeLattiboudere
Position: Defensive End
Hometown/School: Ellicott City (MD), Howard High School
Profile: 2247Sports Profile // Scroll of the Sworn!
Rating: - 0.8348 Composite Score

How he fits:

Winston is a player who can rush the pocket and cause disruption in the backfield because of his first step quickness, primarily on passing downs. Winston has an explosive first step which allows him to generate power well beyond his size on the bull rush and lets him beat offensive linemen when he rushes upfield. Winston also shows an ability to play against the run, though mostly as a backfield penetrator who reads run while rushing the pocket. In the past, Coach Claeys and Phelps have shown a willingness to not just play but start lighter defensive ends like Keith or Michael Amaefula, though that may be changing with a stated desire from Kill that the team needs to get bigger along the defensive line. At a minimum, Winston should serve as a pass rushing specialist, and if he sees a late growth spurt -- he only just turned 17 a few days ago -- he could develop into an all-purpose end for the Gophers.

Chances to play in 2015:

Very Unlikely.  The fact that he is just 17 combined with the fact he is currently only 215 pounds pretty much guarantees he will need a redshirt year to bulk up and become ready for the Big Ten.