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Minnesota Football Recruiting: Julian Huff signs with the Golden Gophers

Julian is officially a Golden Gopher!


Name: Julian Huff
Position/Height/Weight: ILB 6-0/225
Hometown/School: Bolingbrook (Bolingbrook, IL)
Profile247Sports Composite // Scroll of the Sworn!
Rating: - 0.8035 Composite Score

How he fits:

Julian has tweener size, loves to hit and makes plays at the high school level with quickness and being more physical than everyone else. How that translates to the Big Ten is anyone's guess: an outside backer for Bolingbrook, Julian may have to move inside and gain some additional bulk. One thing working in Huff's favor is his kick/punt blocking skill, which in and of itself will guarantee a pivotal role of special teams sooner rather than later. Another reason Huff may be destined for the Mike LB spot is length: he simply doesn't have the height and length that Claeys has talked about as a desired trait for his outside backers (necessary for disrupting passing lanes and defending tight ends).

Chances to play in 2015:

He may earn himself a spot with his punt blocking ability, and he's already on campus. Ideally you'd redshirt a kid like Julian though he may be a solid contributor on special teams from Day 1. I say he plays.