Iowa's National Signing Day Disaster


If you are feeling schadenfreude-y today, you will want to check out the following from Black Heart Gold Pants:

Higdon's decommitment is a dagger to an already-lackluster class. The top four recruits in this class are all offensive linemen, only one of which received a four-star rating from any recruiting service or an offer from a top-tier program (James Daniels). Top-notch skill position talent, already so obviously lacking from the current roster, is simply not coming to Iowa. With the loss of Higdon and continued ineligibility of Smith, Iowa completely struck out on one of its most important priorities in this class. The Hawkeyes' coaching staff is going into a make-or-break season with no other option but to cobble together a running game from five guys who couldn't beat out Mark Weisman. It's a disaster. There's no other way of putting it.

I'm torn. I like the FAIL element of the whole thing, but the way this particular portion of Iowa's sinking recruiting ship went down is so shady that I feel a little bad (but only a little) about taking joy in their pain.