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Minnesota Football Recruiting: Gopher Sports Podcast with Recruiting Director Billy Glasscock

Post all the National Signing Day hoopla, Minnesota recruiting director Billy Glasscock discusses the Gopher recruiting staff process in an excellent look-in to how a Power5 school operates on the trail, from film intake, evaluation and ultimately getting out on the road.

Gopher Gridiron

The Gopher Sports Podcast with KFAN's Justin Gaard and Gopher play-by-play radio voice Mike Grimm is always one of my favorite listens, since each episode features interesting guests talking about cool Maroon and Gold stuff. National Signing Day was no exception, as the GSP team invited Gopher Recruiting Director Billy Glasscock onto the podcast to talk all things 'crootin. It is a MUST listen for all Gopher fans who are interested in the how and why of Jerry Kill's recruiting process, but especially those who follow the recruiting scene closely.

Among the many topics discussed:

  • Who is the most dogged recruiter on the staff
  • What they value and look for
  • Why they place so much emphasis on senior year film
  • The gamesmanship that goes into recruiting evaluation and competing against other Power5 schools
  • The role of social media and recruiting sites in accelerating the recruiting timeline, and why certain schools are forced to recruit the way they do.

This is seriously worth 47 minutes of your time. After listening to Billy speak on it, you come away with a better understanding as to how the staff is able to convert on so many prospects that are considered "under-the-radar" and just how much work goes in to operating a 365 day recruiting operation.