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Big Ten Tournament: Minnesota Basketball vs. Ohio State

The Gophers can continue their Big Ten Tourney run by avenging their close home loss to the Buckeyes.

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Minnesota Gophers vs. Ohio State Buckeyes


united center


8:00 PM



Keys to a Gopher Win

D'Angelo Russell is really good and defending him is kind of important -
Don't let the Ohio State's young phenom single-handedly beat you. Or at the very least, make him work really hard to do it. The Gophers proved they are capable of defending Russell for a half. Now they just need to do it for a whole game.

Do the little things. -
Rebound, take care of the ball, don't get caught standing of defense. If this team wants to extend the dream a little longer they need to not make the same big mistakes they often make on the little things.

Even the optimistic folks in our fanbase have to be thinking loss here. Let's see if the Gophers can bring us all a happy surprise for our Thursday night.