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Selection Sunday Show: How To Watch, Online Streaming, and TV Schedule

Also, keep an eye out for some HOT TAKES on the brackets.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Selection Sunday Show is almost upon us! Here's what you need to enjoy one of the best sports hours of the year!

How To Watch

When: Tonight (3/15) at 5 PM CT


Streaming: Online at March Madness Live

Mobile Streaming: The March Madness Live App, which is available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

What's this about #HOTTAKES?

We'll be posting instant reactions for each region as soon as they are announced. And I mean instant. I'm going to be typing thoughts as quickly as I can to make sure the TAKES are scalding hot when they hit the web. Why? Because I'm interested to hear just how wrong everything thinks I am when I put next to no thought into my logic and go almost entirely upon my gut. Also, I need to see if that is a valid way for me to pick brackets moving in the years to come. Because clearly over-thinking everything isn't getting it done.

Consider this your Selection Sunday OPEN THREAD!