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NCAA Bracket 2015: East Region Predictions, Picks, & Upsets

Virginia is going to win the East Region, and other spicy hot takes.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It is now time to talk about the East Region. Before we get to my predictions and other TAKES, here's a look at this part of the bracket:

#1 Villanova Wildcats vs. #16 Lafayette Leopards

#2 Virginia Cavaliers vs. #15 Belmont Bruins

#3 Oklahoma Sooners vs. #14 Albany Great Danes

#4 Louisville Cardinals vs. #13 UC-Irvine Anteaters

#5 Northern Iowa Panthers vs. #12 Wyoming Cowboys

#6 Providence Friars vs. #11 Boise State/Dayton

#7 Michigan State Spartans vs. #10 Georgia Bulldogs

#8 North Carolina State Wolfpack vs. #9 Lousiana State University Tigers

Who wins the East Region?

Virginia. They'll make you claw your eyes out with defense.

Who got the best draw?

Villanova. Louisville isn't a threat to them.

Who got screwed?

Michigan State. Sorry bros.

Who wins the #5 vs. #12 matchup?

Northern Iowa is good.

Who is the region's Upset Lock Of The Week Of The Century?

Albany. No I'm not serious. Unless I am. But I'm not. Maybe.

Predictions For The Other Regions:

Midwest Region

West Region

South Region