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Gophers NOT Selected to Participate in NIT, Season Comes to Screeching Halt

Minnesota's NIT bubble was burst this evening.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

A year ago the Gophers were on the NCAA bubble but fell short.  They did manage to make the NIT as a #1 seed, played with a purpose and went on to win the whole thing.  Expectations were not terribly high this season but I think there were hopes that this year would take us from the NCAA Tournament bubble into the Big Dance.   But a number of factors contributed to the Gophers moving from not quite getting into the NCAA Tourney to not quite getting into the NIT.

A very frustrating season for many reasons.

  • 1-5 in Big Ten games decided by four points or less.
  • Andre Hollins being maddeningly inconsistent.
  • Free throw after free throw missed.
  • Carlos Morris and his shot selection.
  • Indiana just hit another three.

There are some legitimate reasons why this team struggled and we can discuss those in the coming days but they did not earn a spot in this secondary tournament.  The questions to be asked now are what went wrong?  What will it take to improve next seasons and get into the tournament everybody cares about?

What do you think?