Pairwise Scenarios Narrowing, Gophers IN in 74%


After yesterdays results in the Big Ten Tournament eliminated the possibility of either Wisconsin or Penn State winning the conference's auto-berth into the NCAA Tournament field, Minnesota is more likely to make the tournament.

The percentage of scenarios where the Gophers are in moved from 69.85% to 74.46%. While that's somewhat comforting, the change would have been basically the same had both Penn State and Wisconsin both won instead of Ohio State and Michigan. #Stats

The tournament picture will be narrowed much further today, because roughly half of the remaining scenarios will be eliminated form possibility by day's end.

Edit:InsertName correctly pointed out that each game result will halve the remaining possible scenarios. So, right now there are over 9,000 viable scenarios (according to what people have created at By the end of the day, that will be cut down to 192. Thanks InsertName! Make sure to check out his work at Off Tackle Empire.