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2015 NCAA hockey tournament: schedule, live streaming for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Here's how to watch every minute of NCAA Hockey Tournament Regional action this weekend.

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Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The curtain is about to go up on college hockey's biggest stage. In general, college hockey is an afterthought in the national sporting television landscape. ESPN puts a couple of games a season onto ESPNU, Big Ten Network and NBCSports have consistent weekly coverage, and some schools get RSN attention. But none of those are truly national outlets that command the attention of the average sports viewer.

While the NCAA tournament still doesn't bring the level of attention to the sport that fans crave (with a majority of the games on ESPNU/ESPN3) it's the first real opportunity for the sport to show up on the casual fans radar outside of a few SportsCenter Top 10 Plays throughout the year. So what sort of storylines will the folks from Bristol get to hype this year? Will it be stories of "hot teams" continuing to roll through the tournament? Will there be a Cinderella? And just how many times will 0.6 get mentioned? /crosses fingers for many, many times

All I know is that I'm excited to drop the puck and get going! When that time comes on Friday afternoon, here's how you can watch.

Mobile Devices

The WatchESPN app is available in the following app stores:

- Amazon fireTV

- Amazon Kindle Fire

- Android Devices

- Apple Devices

- Chromecast

- Roku

- Windows

- XBox One

- XBox 360

IMPORTANT NOTE: You have to sign in using your television provider information. If you're television provider is somehow not participating (all the major ones should be) then you'll need to call up a friend with a different provider and borrow their login.

Live streaming

Just the like the mobile apps, the option requires you to sign in with your television provider login.

TV Schedule

ESPN2 and ESPNU will carry most of the games for the Regional semi-finals and finals weekend. A few games will be streaming only on ESPN3.

Northeast/West Regional Semi-Finals
Friday, March 27th (All Times ET)
Puck Drop (ET) Network Site Game Play-by-Play/Analyst
2 p.m. ESPNU Northeast Semi-Final I
No. 1 Boston University vs. No. 4 Yale Dan Parkhurst, Billy Jaffe
4:30 p.m. ESPN3 West Semi-Final I
No. 3 St. Cloud vs. No. 2 Michigan Tech Clay Matvick, Sean Ritchlin
5:30 p.m.
ESPNU Northeast Semi-Final II
No. 2 Minnesota Duluth vs. No. 3 Minnesota Parkhurst/Jaffe
8 p.m.
ESPNU West Semi-Final II
No. 1 North Dakota vs. No. 4 Quinnipiac Matvick/Ritchlin

East/Midwest Regional Semi-Finals and Northeast/West Regional Finals
Saturday, March 28th (All Times ET)
Puck Drop (ET) Network Site Game Play-by-Play/Analyst
3 p.m. ESPN2 East Semi-Final I No. 2 Denver vs. No. 3 Boston College John Buccigross,Barry Melrose
4 p.m. ESPNU Midwest Semi-Final I No. 1 Minnesota State vs. No. 4 Rochester Institute of Technology Ben Holden, Blake Geoffrion
5:30 p.m.
ESPN2 Northeast Final TBD Parkhurst/Jaffe
6:30 p.m.
ESPNU East Semi-Final II No. 1 Miami vs. No. 4 Providence Buccigross/Melrose
7:30 p.m.
ESPN3 Midwest Semi-Final II No. 2 Omaha vs. No. 3 Harvard Holden/Geoffrion
9:00 p.m.
ESPNU West Final TBD Matvick/Ritchlin

East/Midwest Regional Finals
Sunday, March 29th (All Times ET)
Puck Drop (ET) Network Site Game Play-by-Play/Analyst
5 p.m. ESPNU East Final
TBD Buccigross/Melrose
7:30 p.m. ESPNU Midwest Final