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2015 NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 Friday Night Games - OPEN THREAD

There are more games today. Here's a place to talk about them!

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Here's your info on how to watch and a schedule for today.

TV Schedule

CBS and TBS are your homes for the NCAA Tournament. Here's the full schedule of Thursday's games (note that all times are Central Time Zone):

TIME (CST) MATCHUP TV Play-by-Play/Analyst/Sideline
6:15 PM (11) UCLA vs (2) Gonzaga CBS Nantz/Raftery/Hill/Wolfson
6:37 PM (8) NC State vs (4) Louisville TBS Lundquist/Spanarkel/LaForce
8:45 PM (5) Utah vs (1) Duke CBS Nantz/Raftery/Hill/Wolfson
9:07 PM (7) Michigan St vs (3) Oklahoma TBS Lundquist/Spanarkel/LaForce

These eight teams looking to get to the Regional Final and one step closer to the Final Four!  This is a set of teams (excluding Duke) who are all playing the classic, "best basketball of the season" at exactly the right time.  Duke is playing well too but they are the team that is supposed to be dominating.

Live streaming

March Madness Live

Just the like the mobile apps, the option requires you to sign in with your television provider login.

Mobile Devices

The NCAA March Madness Live app is available for all mobile app stores:

Amazon App Store

Google Play

Apple App Store

Windows Store

IMPORTANT NOTE: You have to sign in using your television provider information. If you're television provider is somehow not participating (all the major ones should be) then you'll need to call up a friend with a different provider and borrow their login.