UND Wants You To Help Pick A Nickname


Yes, YOU! I mean, I don't really think they want Gopher fans helping, but they didn't come out and say that which means we're supposed to join in. #logic

Here's a couple important things to know...some rules if you will:

Online and print submissions of nickname suggestions will be accepted April 1 through April 30, the committee decided.

Each suggestion, which will be limited to 25 characters, may be accompanied by a description of why that nickname was chosen, to be limited to 140 characters.

Suggestions may be anonymous, and there will be a screening process for suggestions already trademarked or deemed inappropriate.

UND is working on an online portal for the submissions and will let us all know when they are ready. They've also called out some attributes the suggested nicknames should embody:

- Be unique, recognizable, inspiring and distinctly UND's.

- Promote a sense of pride, strength, fierceness and passion.

- Be representative of the state and region in a way that honors the traditions and heritage of the past but also looks to the future.

- Be a unifying and rallying symbol.

Given those requirements I feel there is only one nickname that truly fits...


Think about it. There is nothing more recognizable or distinctly UND than goonery. The UND fans are super proud that their team is full of goons. There is no better way to honor goons of the past like Ben Blood than to pick the name and since UND teams of the futures will continue to be filled with Canadian junior league enforcers it will be appropriate for eons to come. As for unifying? As I said, UND fans love goonery. This might be the only thing that gets them all to stop pining for the nickname they wasted money defending.

It's in your best interest UND. Do it. Proclaim the truth and embrace your roll as THE GOONS.

Also, @FakeDonLucia is also on the case and some of his suggestions are also worth considering.