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Minnesota Football: Golden Nugz 04-15-15

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Very little is actually happening but surprisingly there are plenty of decent Gopher related links out there.  NFL Draft is coming up, Spring Game is just finishing, baseball and more...

I'll lead with Jonah Pirsig perhaps embarking on a career of being the largest Kindergarten teacher in the world.  It sort of brings to mind images of Arnold Schwarzenegger..."It's not a tumor!"

Though most of the kids barely reach his knees, he says they're not intimidated by him. Turns out they're more interested in his long hair than his size.

"They actually say more about my hair than they do my height," he said. "I was worried they'd be a little scared [of my height] but the first day, a bunch of kids came up to me wanting me to read to them, so it was a good feeling."

Good time of year for human interest stories to better know a Gopher.