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Back in the 1930s when Gopher football was at it's height , everyone was jumping on the bandwagon, even breweries. In an attempt to market it's beer to football fans the Alexandria Brewing Company (which was only around from 1936-1942) came out with a cleverly named brew: Gopher Beer.

Gopher Beer label, sometime between 1936-1942).

Sadly that's all the information there is about this, but I think it merits some discussion about bringing it back. As a home brewer I've even tinkered with the idea of creating something called Gopher Beer. Without any details, I thought I'd take this to yall. What should Gopher Beer be? HOLLER AT YOUR BOY IN THE COMMENTS.

Note: if Gopher Beer ever gets made (and isn't poisonous) it will be available at the River Flats T. Gating Lot. Unless some local craft brewery wants to steal this idea (if you're a craft brewery and want to steal this idea, again holler at your boy).

Hamms Brewery employees no idea what year. via MNHS.