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Minnesota Gopher Football - Top 10 Plays of 2014

Spring football is over and we are waiting for the 2015 football season to start. Lukily you can watch Minnesota Gopher football on YouTube! just finished their top 10 plays of 2014 countdown.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Below are the top 10 plays (per of the 2014 Gopher Football team.

#10 - Blocked Punt for TD vs. Eastern Illinois

#9 - Maxx Williams One-Handed Catch at Michigan

#8 - Cobb Sets Single-Season Rushing Record vs. Wisconsin

#7 - Jalen Myrick's 100-Yard Touchdown Return vs. Northwestern

#6 - KJ Maye's Leaping Touchdown Reception vs. Purdue

#5 - Thompson's Game-Saving Interception vs. Purdue

#4 - Maxx Williams Toe-Drag Catch vs. Iowa

#3 - Santoso's Go-Ahead Field Goal vs. Purdue

#2 - Maxx Williams' Hurdling Touchdown Reception vs. Missouri

#1 - Briean Boddy-Calhoun Strip Fumble at Nebraska

So what are your top plays of 2014? What play got left of the list but should have been included? Which play had the biggest impact on the game it occurred and the season in general? What top play above should have had a higher ranking? Let us know is the poll and comments below.