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NFL Draft 2015: Maxx Williams is headed to...2nd Round Odds

Day one of the NFL Draft came and went with Maxx still on the board. What teams are most likely to draft the Minnesota tight end in Round 2?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was an incredibly boring 1st Round of the NFL draft. Not because Maxx Williams wasn't drafted. That was pretty much a given and the writing was on the wall pretty early in the night. But because we didn't have Johnny Manziel to kick around and make fun of. I really miss that from last year. Oh, and no big trades or surprises. I miss those too.

Friday night stands to be a little more exciting for Minnesota fans. Maxx Williams seems to be a lock to be drafted in the 2nd round. I mean that too. I'll be shocked if he falls to the third. But what are the most likely landing spots for Maxx on night #2? First, let's take a look at the draft order for the 2nd round:

Maxx At The Draft

Round 2

1 (33). Tennessee Titans
2 (34). Tampa Bay Buccaneers
3 (35). Oakland Raiders
4 (36). Jacksonville Jaguars
5 (37). New York Jets
6 (38). Washington 
7 (39). Chicago Bears
8 (40). New York Giants
9 (41). St. Louis Rams
10 (42). Atlanta Falcons
11 (43). Cleveland Browns
12 (44). New Orleans Saints
13 (45). Minnesota Vikings
14 (46). San Francisco 49ers
15 (47). Miami Dolphins
16 (48). San Diego Chargers
17 (49). Kansas City Chiefs
18 (50). Buffalo Bills
19 (51). Houston Texans
20 (52). Philadelphia Eagles
21 (53). Cincinnati Bengals
22 (54). Detroit Lions
23 (55). Arizona Cardinals
24 (56). Pittsburgh Steelers
25 (57). Carolina Panthers
26 (58). Baltimore Ravens
27 (59). Denver Broncos
28 (60). Dallas Cowboys
29 (61). Indianapolis Colts
30 (62). Green Bay Packers
31 (63). Seattle Seahawks
32 (64). New England Patriots

Of those 32 picks, a handful of teams stand out as likely suitors for Maxx: the Giants, Falcons, Browns, Saints, Steelers, Broncos, and Packers. Here's my odds for how likely each team is to select Maxx and some GIFs that explain how I'd feel if each team selected him:

Pick 40 - New York Giants (50/1)

Tight end is not seen as a consistent position of need for the Giants and several other positions (notably defensive tackle and safety) would seem to be bigger needs.

Pick 42 - Atlanta Falcons (5/1)

I'm sticking with my prediction. The Falcons offense needs strong tight end play and they don't have it. Maxx's pass catching ability and ability to exploit mismatches would be huge for them in giving Julio Jones and Roddy White for space to work. They already addressed a glaring need for a pass rusher in Round 1 and I just don't see them letting Maxx get past them for a running back when there should be solid options still available for them in the 3rd round.

Pick 43 - Cleveland Browns (10/1)

The Browns don't seem to be following the script a lot of pre-draft experts were using, but tight end is repeatedly listed as a need for them. I almost didn't list odds because I have this sinking feeling that if the Falcons pass the Browns will pounce and I can't stand the thought of Maxx dealing with Cleveland. /shudders

Pick 44 - New Orleans Saints (15/1)

The final team in the three team stretch of TE needy squads. If Maxx is still available here, I think the Saints pull the trigger. The odds would be higher but I can't shake the feeling that Cleveland will grab him if Atlanta passes. Trading Jimmy Graham leaves a huge hole in their offense.

Pick 56 - Pittsburgh Steelers (30/1)

No, no, no, no, no. My wife will divorce me if I ever cheer for Maxx while he wears those colors. But yea, they'd like to have him.

Pick 59 - Denver Broncos (50/1)

I get the feeling their desire to go TE here isn't as strong as it used to be. But they are the last reasonable change for Maxx to end up someplace other than that crappy town in Wisconsin. So if he falls here you better draft him Elway, or there will be epic levels of fist shaking from me!

Pick 62 - Green Bay Packers (OH HELL NO)

Not going to talk about it.

Where do you think Maxx will be drafted tonight?