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Maxx Williams Drafted By Baltimore Ravens: Reactions From Twitter

Here's what the internet had to say about Maxx being drafted at #55 by Baltimore.

Maxx is officially in the NFL! We'll break down why this is a good fit for Maxx later on, for now let's focus on some quick reactions to the pick. Baltimore moved up to jump AFC North Division rival Pittsburgh, who was also rumored to be strongly interested in Williams. You have to love Maxx going to a team that wants him badly, because he deserves it.

Not going to lie, I was hoping he wouldn't end up in the AFC North because of my wife's very strong Cincy rooting tendencies (the rest of the AFC North is dead to her) but I'd rather see him there than at Green Bay. Yes, I'm selfish like that. But enough of my reaction, let's go to the Twitters!