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Golden Nugz 05.20.15 - Yay For Minnesota Teams

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, this is usually reserved for Gopher related material but why not take a few minutes to celebrate what is going on with other local teams.


I never thought I'd see it in my lifetime but the Timberwolves have the #1 overall pick in the draft.  Now that I've seen it, how about we never get in this position again.  But now what (hint...take Towns!!).  I feel like I really know basketball and can discuss things at a high level with just about anybody.  But for whatever reason projecting NBA talent has always eluded me.  I thought trading OJ Mayo for Kevin Love was a massive mistake.  I also thought that not drafting Steph Curry was the right move, he was too small to be effective in the NBA.  Um...yeah...nailed those.

Anyway, hit up Canis Hoopus, they are all over this NBA Draft thing.

TWINS Twinkie Town

Would you believe that the Twins are currently a playoff team?  Oh sure there is a little bit of the season remaining.  But after 90+ losses for four straight seasons it is nice to see them playing well as we near June.

This post on Twinkie Town today is really interesting.  It talks about the night David Letterman dedicated an entire show to one his his childhood baseball heroes, Harmon Killebrew.

VIKINGS Daily Norseman

Yes, they did their draft thing and now topics are sparse.  The Daily Norseman guys are talking about the rule change of moving the PAT back and they are perusing Craig's List for interesting Vikings stuff (GoAUpher, write that down as a post idea).

WILD Hockey Wilderness

I think their season is over cause the guys at Hockey Wilderness are doing individual exit interviews.

OK...back to the Gophers.

Last but CERTAINLY not least is this list of good bourbons.  This isn't a click-bait list of things that taste like Pappy or something absurd, this is a list of bourbons that is typically available and tasty.  I'll give you a short list of available bourbons that I would highly recommend...

  • Bookers - agree with the link above.  Strong, consistent and tasty.
  • Makers Mark Cask Strength - all of a sudden available everywhere.  Not cheap but a barrel strength that is sweet.
  • Eagle Rare - 10 year and usually a single barrel, excellent for around $30
  • Old Scout Rye - I'm into ryes lately
  • Evan Williams Single Barrel - always an everyday pour and right around $20 this is a great deal

I'll stop there.  Enjoy your hump day.