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Gopher Road Trip 2015: The Maroon & Gold Caravan hits the road tomorrow!

Here's your chance to hear from multiple Minnesota coaches and hang out with fellow Gophers fans.

One day I hope to go to a Gopher Road Trip event. To be sure, this is not way up my bucket list of events and experiences that I want/need to check off in my lifetime. My understanding is that these events are enjoyable but nothing earth shattering or groundbreaking happens. Essentially you're going to a large "pep fest" for Gopher Sports. But as someone who has lived almost as much time outside Minnesota's borders as inside, the opportunity to attend a "pep fest" for the school I love sounds like a pretty nice thing. Especially in the off-season and especially when my hometown is among the stops.

That's my way of saying I'm jealous of those of you who will be attending one of the eight Gopher Road Trip events that will be taking place over the next week:

Wed 5/27

- Spicer, 11:30 am

- Alexandria, 4:00 pm

Thurs 5/28

- Detroit Lakes, 8:00 am

- Park Rapids, 11:30 am

Tues 6/2

- Winona, 11:30 am

- Rochester, 4:00 pm

Wed 6/3

- Mankato, 7:30 am

- Hutchinson, 11:30 am

If you're interested in knowing which coaches are scheduled to attend, please make sure to check the official U site for location specific lists. Football fans among you should see either Tracy Claeys on the northern swing and Coach Kill at the southern locations. A similar split occurs for hockey, with Mike Guentzel handling the first four stops and Lucia taking the final four.

Registration for the events is free and can be completed online or by calling 1-800-U-GOPHER.