Johnson "In Shock" by U Decision According to Star Tribune


Well...this story gets more interesting as more details come out. According to the article linked here by Amelia Rayno in the Star Tribune, Jarvis Johnson and his family are "in shock" over the University of Minnesota's decision to not clear him medically to play for the Gopher basketball team this fall.

The University told Jarvis and his family in a group meeting on June 8th. present were the Johnson family, Gopher assistants Ben Johnson and Kimani Young, and two University doctors. Anyone else see the very large omission in that list? It is unknown where Richard Pitino was at the time of the meeting, but this is not a great look PR wise at a minimum for the U.

This quote by Johnson's father Curtis from the article should be the most concerning for Gopher fans.

"We felt a little misguided in the way the recruitment went, and then the sudden decision last week," Curtis Johnson added. "It really limited our options with only a week before school started."

Johnson did enroll at the U and begin summer school this week, but with a response like that, you have to wonder if he isn't thinking about looking for a school to play for who may clear him medically. Either way, what looked like a sad story and two parties making the best out of a poor break yesterday suddenly has a lot more legs and questions surrounding it. The U continues to not comment citing medical confidentiality, so we may never know the actual truth, but this story will not quietly go away like we all thought it might yesterday.