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#ReasonableHotTakes: The Governor's Victory Bell isn't so bad after all.

Hear me out, I have proof!

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The Governor's Victory Bell is many things. It is generic sounding in name and uninspiring visually. It lacks a history of shared animosity or a cool story involving forgetfulness and a badass equipment guy. It doesn't exist because one of the rival schools is populated by dirty thieving bastards who won't return property to it's rightful owner. And it wasn't created based on the Twitter conversations of a fake person and a real mascot. I understand why people like to say it's terrible and why people wish it would go away. But I come to you with an important #HOTTAKE-ish truth...

The Governor's Victory Bell isn't that bad.

I don't need 1,000 words to prove it to you. All I need to back up this opinion is a tweet...

...and this quote:

We're excited about this North/South battle. You want to call it the Civil Conflict? Maybe I'll win my money and make a trophy. I'll buy it myself. Put a big giant Husky and a big giant Knight on it. Make a stand. Put it in our hallway. The Civil Conflict. The loser, maybe they've got to put nutmeg on the stand when it's not there and we'll put a sack of oranges.

Thank you Bob Diaco for reminding us that there are FAR worse trophies out there than a flimsy wood bell that would probably break in a stiff breeze.

Also, let this be another reminder to everyone why The Chair continues to be one of (if not the best) brand new "rivalry" trophy out there.

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