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2015-16 NCAA Bowl Schedule Released

Where and when will the Gophers play this December/January

Will the Gophers be back on New Years Day in 2016?
Will the Gophers be back on New Years Day in 2016?
Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015-16 NCAA College Football Bowl Schedule was officially announced on Tuesday.  If you are a Big Ten/ Gopher Football fan, you are going to want to keep the day after Christmas and New Years Day open on your schedule. Oh..and just take New Years Eve off immediately.  Trust me...this is going to be a must.

The Big Ten Bowls remain the same for the 2015 season.  The first two Big Ten Bowls will take place on Saturday December 26th.  The New Era Pinstripe Bowl in New York City will kick off at 2:30 against wither the ACC or Notre Dame.  Then at 8:15 that evening, the Foster Farms Bowl will take place in Santa Clara, California pitting the Big Ten against the Pac-12.

Skipping Sunday the 27th for NFL, the next game will be Monday the 28th.  The Quick Lane Bowl will take place in Detroit at 4:00 PM matching the Big Ten against either the ACC or Notre Dame.  next is the Lockheed martin Armed Forces Bowl at 1:00 on Tuesday the 29th in Fort Worth, Texas against the Mountain West.

The National University Holiday Bowl in San Diego moves to Wednesday the 30th at 9:30 PM when the Big Ten faces off against the Pac-12.  Yeah...going to want to take New Years Eve off.

Why?  Because New Years Eve will be the day that the College Football Playoff Semifinals occur this season.  The Chickfila Peach Bowl which will be one of the New Years 6 games wl kick off the day at 11 AM.  The two College Football Playoff Semifinal games will take place at 3 and 7 and will be at the Cotton Bowl in Arlington, Texas and the Orange Bowl in Miami.

Not enough for you?  OK.  Three Big Ten Bowl Games will occur as usual on New Years Day as the Outback Bowl kicks off at 11, and the Capital One Bowl kicks off at noon, with SEC opponents in both.  Of course, with the College Football Playoff Semifinals rotating out of Pasadena, the Big Ten will once again be back in the Granddaddy of them All, the Rose Bowl kicking off at 4:00.  Oh yeah...the Fiesta Bowl will also be played at noon, and the Sugar Bowl at 7:30, both of which could be possible landing sites for a Big Ten Team.

Still want more?  Ok then.  The Tax Slayer Bowl will be Saturday the 2nd at 11 AM. The Big Ten could be in this bowl against the SEC, though they do have an option to take an ACC team or Notre Dame as well.  Take a breath.

Of course, we all hope a Big Ten Team will make it to the College Football Playoff Championship Game which will take place Monday the 11th at 7:30 from Glendale, Arizona.

Forty Bowl games in two weeks with the National Championship Game just over a week later.  It really will be the Holiday Season!

The Full 2015-16 Bowl Schedule is below.  Its only  about six long months away.

bowl schedule