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Welcome to Minnesota Week At Off Tackle Empire

Keep an eye out for all of the maroon and gold content from our friends at OTE!

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since the beginning of May, our friends at Off Tackle Empire have been hard at work previewing every team in the conference and making fun of each other while doing it. This is the joy of B1G 2015 and the excitement now reaches a fever pitch because it's Minnesota Week.*

*probably, I'm just assuming

You might be asking yourself, "self, what is B1G 2015?" The fine folks at OTE have you covered friend!

The basic premise is simple. We are going to give each team in the B1G a week to talk about themselves with some basic guidelines of what to expect each day. Some weeks will have some extras as we invite our friends from around SB Nation to join in the fun. When we are finished, you should have the most comprehensive B1G overview on the web (noting, of course, that this is the most subjective thing I've said today and while, yes, you might think you know of a more comprehensive piece, I'm ignoring you because I like ours the best).

Each week follows a pretty basic structure:

Monday = Cocktail Party Preview: This is where the writer for each team gives the basics of what anyone would need to know about the program in question, both recently or in general. In the past this (and many of the other pieces) would have fallen to me but I have passed the Minnesota torch on OTE over to our very own WhiteSpeedReceiver, so look for his insightful words to start of the week today.

Tuesday = Personnel Files: This bit used to be called "Smartest Guys In The Room," but I think the Iowa and Minnesota writers got tired of having to profile the same coaches year after year (for much different reasons though). Instead, this opens things up a bit and allows each team writer to focus on anyone...coaches, players, etc.

Wednesday = Potluck: In the fine traditions of the Midwest, everyone brings a hotdish (burn under a pile of lye casserole people) and Jesse asks all the writers questions about the team of the week.

Thursday = Wild Card: Football, non-football, whatever. This was probably created to let Minnesota folk talk about hockey more.

Friday = HATE or Get Real: Friday has always been the traditional day for "Keeping the Enemy Close" (otherwise known as HATE DAY.) You might remember this day for posts like "Are You There AIRBHG? It's Me, Margaret." OTE writers recognized that the hate was often growing stale, so they opened this up to self-loathing or #HOTTAKES. This is the day to stay out of the comments unless you really enjoy internet pissing matches (well, even more than usual that is).

BONUS DAY PIECES! That's right, there are free extras this year! Basically this includes the new writers for each team introducing themselves. So I'm sure there will be something from WSR in this vein.

So make sure to head over to OTE to join in the fun this week (and every week). Also, in case you'd like to catch up on the great work the OTE clan has been doing, we'll soon have a B1G 2015 section farther down the page with all their posts. I've been meaning to do that since, well, May. Job A and all.