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Puerto Rico Shootout: Matchups Revealed For 2015 Tournament

The Gophers are reportedly playing Temple to open the Puerto Rico Shootout.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like we know who the Gophers will face first at the 2015 edition of the Puerto Rico shootout. Those of you wishing for a Tubby matchup in game one? Prepare yourselves for sadness. Per Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports the Gophers will open against Temple:

First-round matchups for the 2015 Puerto Rico Shootout are set, highlighted by Mississippi State facing Miami on the tournament's first day on Nov. 19.

Texas Tech will play Utah, Butler will face Missouri State, and Minnesota will play Temple in other first-round games, multiple sources told

In fact, if a Minnesota/Texas Tech matchup is what you desire you'd have to wait until the championship game. Here's the bracket as outlined by Rothstein:

2015 Puerto Rico Shootout

I'm going to skip past any TAKES analysis and ask you all what you think.

Do you like the look of this bracket?