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Golden Nugz 07-16-15 and 49 Days Till Gopher Football

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Countdown to TCU continues with exactly 7 weeks until Gopher Football is back at TCF Bank Stadium hosting one of the top teams in college football this year.

So who wears #49?  That distinction belongs to Bryce Witham a true freshman out of Grand Rapids, MI.  Witham is a tight end who has the chance to become the greatest Gopher to ever wear the #49.  The competition is light so it might only take a few catches and a touchdown to earn this distinction.  OK, I don't really know that and my research only dates back to 1998 but that's good enough for me.  Another "great" #49 was one of Rochester's Lourdes' finest, Jerry Macken who wore this number 1999-2001.  Never heard of him?  Neither have I, maybe JD knows him.

Anyway, let us move on to some Nugz...

  • This list is total BS, but the author owns his opinions and it is kinda funny.  But seriously anybody who rates Taco Doritos as only the 16th best Doritos is loco!
  • Marcus profiles 2016 Gopher Basketball commit, Michael Hurt.  The kid is working hard to improve his strength and athleticism, along with this younger brother who is going to be an elite recruit.
  • I've enjoyed the Twins first half and I liked this look at the mid-season awards.  And who doesn't love them some Brian Dozier.  Side note...I went to last Friday's game where the Twins came back from 6-0 after 7 innings to win 6-8...I left after the 7th :(
  • want some actual Gopher related links?  Sid Hartman gets some good quotes on the state of the Gopher quarterbacks.  This was an intriguing comment...
    We have the true freshman [Demry Croft] who has all kinds of athletic ability but we have to get him on the field to see that. Then we have a kid who is committed that I hope we can hold on to, because he is special. I think that we're sitting fine.
    Sounds like the staff is kinda high on Tony Poljan.
  • David Cobb gets some notice as one of the top RB battles heading into NFL training camps.  Can Cobb push Bishop Sanky for playing time as a rookie?
Just 7 weeks from today and we take down the Horned Frogs!