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48 Days Till Gopher Football, Say Hi to Floyd

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Would you believe that July 17th is National Yellow Pig Day?  Well it is, and that me thinking about my favorite pig.  The one who is sitting safely at home in a trophy case enclosed in glass within the safe borders of Minnesota, surrounded by over 10,000 lakes.  Maybe he isn't yellow but he is bronze right?  Close enough for today.

Floyd of Rosedale

Just hearing the name and knowing he came home after last year's 51-14 monkey stomp of the Hawkeyes, make smile.

Hope it brightens your day a little bit too.  Just think about keeping Floyd home for another year after put the hurt to Kirk Ferentz and his yellow chickens again this year.

Blake Weber (I don't think he's related to Adam) dons #48 for the Gophers and he just missed getting his day on TDG being the same as his birthday by one day.  He turned 19 yesterday so Happy Birthday Blake.  Weber is a sophomore linebacker from Prior Lake who just transferred up to the U after playing year at Rochester Community & Technical College.