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47 Days Until Gopher Football-- Lets Talk Cocktails

Because....I want to

She looks like she can make a good drink
She looks like she can make a good drink
Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Saturday marks the 47 day mark until the start of the Gopher football Season.  Its actually National Strawberry Wine Day.  But that sounds awful.   So lets talk cocktails instead.

I was inspired to talk cocktails after finding the perfect hot day/night cocktail.  Its refreshing, strong, but goes down easy.  The answer?  Bourbon, ginger )either ginger beer, ginger liquor, ginger simple syrup) and lemon juice (preferable fresh/muddled).  Seriously if you have never tried it, its amazing.  Goes down easy, but still has the punch of bourbon, or even stronger if you use the ginger liquor instead of ginger beer or simple syrup.  It may in fact be the perfect Gopher football tailgate cocktail considering one version of it is called the "Gold Rush".  Seriously.  You didn't think I was going to be able to tie this into Gopher Football did you?

So...what are some of your favorite cocktails?  They can be classics...nothing wrong with a good martini or manhattan, or more innovative.  What else do you think would be good for a tailgate, either for a hot early summer game or a cold late November game?

If it sounds good enough, it just may become the "Unofficial, Official Cocktail of the TDG Tailgate"

So let us know what you like.