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#TBT--Gophers vs Northwestern in 2 Championship Seasons '36 & '41

Time for your daily dose of Minnesota history! Even though the Gophers didn't win their 1936 game against Northwestern, its your best opportunity to see the great Gophers of the 1930s. Minnesota held on to win a nail biter in 1941

Minnesota vs Northwestern, 1936 Program
Minnesota vs Northwestern, 1936 Program

From 1933 until October 31, 1936 the Gophers did not lose a game. The 1934,1935 seasons saw the University of Minnesota crowned national champions. Despite losing to then ranked #3 Northwestern on Halloween, 1936 was the Gophers third straight championship, something no team has done since.

You probably know all that though. So here is the infamous game.

Ed Widseth was the Gophers best player in 1936 and you can spot him on numerous plays wearing number 77.

Thankfully the next time Minnesota won a National Championship, in 1940, the Gophers got some revenge on the Wildcats, winning 13-12. And Northwestern has that archived footage too, check it out.

Go Gophers!