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38 Days Till Gopher Football - Meet Emmit Carpenter

Also, Happy National Scotch Day!

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

38 days until Gopher football kicks off the season!  Emmit Carpenter is unlikely to be booting that kickoff but he is a redshirt freshman kicker. Carpenter wears #39 and is today's rep for the countdown to kickoff.

So why do I have a picture of Derrick Engel catching a touchdown against Indiana? Well the Gophers have 38 all-time wins over the Hoosiers.  Our record stands at 38-26-3.  Unfortunately we won't be allowed to increase that win-total this year but soon enough it will bump up to 39. Also, our photo editor seems light on redshirt freshman kicker photos right now. Odd I know.

And finally, today is National Scotch Day!  Yay for whisky!  Scotch is not necessarily my favorite but I do appreciate the less peaty bottles.  I'm a fan of Balvenie if I had to pick a favorite.  I know we have some Scotch drinkers here who could point me in the right direction.

Things to share in the comments...

  • Your favorite Scotch
  • Your favorite Gopher/Hoosier memory (doesn't HAVE to be football but this is a FB countdown)