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2015 Big Ten Football Media Poll: Ohio State Unanimous Champion, Minnesota Third In West Division

Most of the media surveyed see an Ohio State/Wisconsin title game.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

In news that should shock absolutely no one, Ohio State was the unanimous pick to win both the Big Ten's East Division and the Big Ten title in's annual media poll. Before we dig into the details, let's talk about who votes in this poll:

More than 60 voters from around the league, a cross-section of writers covering each team as well as several who cover the overall conference, were invited to vote this season. That was a step up from the two writers from each team asked to vote in the past. But the bigger number didn't create any confusion at the top, at least in the East.

Why are we talking about the media poll and not the Big Ten's official poll? Because since 2011, the Big Ten no longer runs or releases a media poll like this. stepped up in their absence and has been running it ever since.

Big Ten West

We're starting with the West because A) duh and B) the results here are marginally more interesting than the East's Ohio State coronation. Here's how the Big Ten regional media think the West will shake out (NOTE: First place votes are in parentheses).

1. Wisconsin 272 (32)

2. Nebraska 231.5 (5)

3. Minnesota 197 (3)

4. Iowa 158.5

5. Northwestern 125

6. Illinois 77

7. Purdue 59



Frankly, this feels about right. There's no reason yet for most media members to pick against Wisconsin. Personally, I'd feel comfortable ranking Minnesota ahead of Nebraska if I were one of the media members polled, but the fact that the vast majority didn't also isn't a shock. The Gophers did pick up 3 first place votes, thus qualifying Minnesota for dark horse status coming out of this poll. I think the media mirrors Big Ten fans for the most part with the remaining picks. There is a pretty sizable gap between Minnesota and #4 Iowa, and Northwestern, Illinois, and Purdue round out the West in the order I'd expect. I suppose Northwestern fans could quibble about being below Iowa, but most people would say this looks right.

Big Ten East

1. Ohio State 280 (40)

2. Michigan State 240

3. Penn State 186.5

4. Michigan 163.5

5. Maryland 95.5

6. Rutgers 78

7. Indiana 76.5

What can you say about this poll? Voters went chalk for Ohio State and Michigan State as #1 an #2 in the East. I'm pleasantly surprised that Michigan didn't get the Harbaugh bump to #3. I don't care enough about Maryland or Rutgers to comment on them. As for Indiana? Well, the votes are not kind to either Big Ten representative from the Hoosier state. also polled writers about the 3 potential Big Ten Championship Game match-ups created by the split first place votes in the West. While the writers might have had some minor disagreements about the West representative, every single writer saw Ohio State winning the Big Ten Title. The Ohio State juggernaut marches on towards Big Ten Media Days.

What are your thoughts?