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2015 Big Ten Football Media Poll: Joey Bosa Picked As Defensive Player of the Year, Eric Murray tied for 10th

Who is the person voting for William Likely over Joey Bosa anyway?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Joey Bosa is a really good football player. It's not hard to argue that he's the best defensive football player in the Big Ten. In fact, that's a statement that every single media member voting in's Big Ten pre-season Defensive Player of the Year poll agreed with. All except for the one who went with Maryland cornerback William Lively of course. Note to that person, there are better non-OSU protest votes than William Likely. Heck, there are better non-OSU cornerback protest votes (cough Eric Murray cough, cough Briean Boddy-Calhoun cough). That's right, I'm lecturing an unnamed media member about their vote in a meaningless preseason poll from the comfort of my mother's basement. It's only good blogging after all.

Moving on, here are the rules of this poll:

Voters were asked to rank three top defensive candidates, with three points assigned for first place, two for second and one for third. There were 38 voters who cast ballots, and Bosa received 37 first-place votes and was not ranked on the other ballot. That voter chose Maryland's William Likely.

And here are the results of the poll (first place votes in parentheses):

1. Joey Bosa, Ohio State DE, 111 (37)

2. Shilique Calhoun, Michigan State DE, 50

3. Anthony Zettel, Penn State DT, 25

4. Darron Lee, Ohio State LB, 18

5. William Likely, Maryland CB, 8 (1)

6. Maliek Collins, Nebraska DE, 5

7. Vince Biegel, Wisconsin LB, 2

7. Ed Davis, Michigan State LB, 2

7. Vonn Bell, Ohio State S, 2

10. Joe Bolden, Michigan LB, 1

10. Jabrill Peppers, Michigan S, 1

10. Darius Hamilton, Rutgers DT, 1

10. Eric Murray, Minnesota CB, 1

10. Michael Caputo, Wisconsin S, 1

Eric Murray is the lone Gopher on the list, coming in a tie for 10th place with four other players at 1 point. Which means Murray received a single 3rd place vote. Nothing to be annoyed about here because A) preseason polls are worthless B) preseason polls are worthless. Still it's nice to see a Gopher on this list (not a common thing in the last 10 years) and it's nice to see that the Gopher was Eric Murray. I love both BBC and Murray, but Murray is constantly underrated thanks to his lack of INT's (which is silly because the reason he has fewer INT's is because he's Minnesota's Richard Sherman). I don't think the Gophers deserved more than one mention on this list given it's size, but you might feel differently.

Do you think more Gophers should have made the list?