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37 Days Till Gopher Football, Say Hi to Peter Mortell

Bob Levey/Getty Images

This guy wears #37 but is #1

Seriously, if you are not following @PMortell37 on Twitter you are doing Twitter wrong.

Mortell has already graduated with a degree in marketing from Minnesota's Carlson School of Management and is working on his master's degree in applied kinesiology.

He doesn't know it yet but after he graduates he is going to write for TDG and is going to teach my kids how to punt.

About the only thing I can find wrong with this guy is that he is from Green Bay.

But in all seriousness Peter Mortell has become one of, if not the, best punter in the Big Ten and should be in the conversation for national & conference awards.  It is always under appreciated what he does for the team when it comes to winning the field position battle.

  • Nebraska 2014 - 3 of his 4 punts put the Huskers inside their own 20.
  • Ohio State 2014 - 5 punts that game that put Ohio State starting on their own 5, 13, 20, 4 and 11.  He came to play that game.
  • Iowa 2014 - 3 punts, all inside the Iowa 20.

Just cherry-picking a few key games to illustrate how important Mortell was to the success of last year's team.  The third phase of the game is vital to the formula for success here.  Peter Mortell isn't perfect but he gets it done.

Be sure to say hi to @PMortell37 today.