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Interested in Joining the TDG Staff? We Want YOU!

TDG is looking for passionate Gopher fans to join our team!


The best Gopher site on the internet* is looking for some help!  Of course I may be a little biased considering I was a co-founder but if you're reading this you likely appreciate and enjoy TDG as much as I do. Are you interested in joining our fun team?  Because we are looking for a few passionate Gopher fans to join us!

*for proof, see here

Roles We Are Looking To Fill

  • Regular Contributors - "Regular" would likely mean one or two posts per week  What you choose to write about is open and up for discussion.
  • Football Contributors - With the season approaching, this is our biggest need.  You do not have to be an expert or a brilliant football mind (leave that to me).  But we are looking for one or two more folks who want to write a weekly football post.
  • Basketball / Hockey Contributors - Winter sports are right around the corner so if you have a particular passion for hockey or hoops, we'd love to have you as well.  Previews, reviews, analysis and whatever else your heart desires.  We have a few of us capable of covering these sports but are always looking to add more good people.
  • Social Media Contributors Maybe writing full blog posts isn't your thing but you enjoy posting snappy and witty Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat/Tinder/Vine updates. We're looking for help keeping the TDG social media presence rolling throughout the year. If you have a passion for social media (or even better, experience running social media accounts for a business/organization) we'd appreciate hearing from you too! And of course, if you want to write posts AND help out with Social, so much the better.

We are not looking for people to devote their lives to the blog.  We completely understand that folks have responsibilities outside the Gophers (a job, maybe a family, non-internet hobbies, etc) and blogging for nothing won't always jump in front of everything else.  A post or two per week is ideal and usually it is not very taxing.  This is meant to be fun! (NOTE: no promises made about your fun levels following a "same old Gophers" moment).

What You Should Bring To The Table

  • Passion - Do you love the Gophers?  Then you are half-way there.
  • Writing Skills - You can group words together into sentences.  Top to bottom, left to right. Take Tylenol for headaches, Midol for any cramps. Content is negotiable and something we often discuss (i.e. we'll figure out "what" you write about later) but ideally you are capable of writing so the rest of us know what you're talking about.
  • Social Media Skills - Knowledge of the social side of the internets is not a requirement, but it's always a plus. Do you have to be a Twitter addict to write at TDG? No, you do not. But the ability to converse with the TDG community on multiple platforms can be a very enjoyable part of the gig.
  • Checks E-mail Frequently - It's important to stay up to date and we are always having "behind the curtain" conversations to help generate creative and fun ideas for the community and blog.
  • Passionate - Did we mention we want people who are passionate about the Gophers?

What Is In It For You?

A platform to share your love of Minnesota sports. It's also a chance to not only be a part of the conversation, but to help drive the conversation.  There are no financial rewards, but we can assure you that it is a great creative outlet and a way to take your Gopher Passion to a whole new level.  The SBN platform is tremendous, the community here is great and being a contributor here can be a lot of fun.


  • Send us an e-mail at  Let us know why you are interested, some background on yourself, and how you'd like to contribute. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
  • Secondly, we would urge you to write something and put it up as a FanPost.  Several of our current staff members started by putting things up as FanPosts. We recognized the quality and passion and asked if they wanted to join us.
  • Third, answer this question.  Is Adam Weber a great Gopher quarterback or greatest Gopher quarterback?

That's it.  We hope to see our inbox immediately flooded with responses!