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Peter Mortell: College Football's Best Twitter Feed Per

The internet doesn't lie people.

Peter Mortell, winning the internet one funny tweet at a time.

I'm sure #FSUTwitter or some other crazy fanbase will unite in unison to disagree, but I'm with this guy. Peter Mortell Twitter is the best college football Twitter.

1. Peter Mortell, P, Minnesota

On the field ... on the web: Mortell led the Big Ten Conference with a 45.1-yard punting average last year. ... Join his 4,500-plus Twitter followers (@PMortell37). His Instagram account under the same handle is set to private.
Why he ranks: You're in for a treat when a punter's Twitter bio reads "I tell people I play quarterback." He truly maintains one of the most humorous Twitter feeds among college players.
Recent post: Just last week, Mortell shared a stream of nine tweets explaining a memorable trip to the principal's office in elementary school.

Most importantly? The photo of Peter in this photo essay is him holding the BOBC Trophy. Well played Chase or whatever social media intern made that call.

Let's send it over to Peter for a quick thought: