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Minnesota Golden Gophers Football News and Links: Golden Nugz Covers Big Ten Media Days 07/31/15

He's a Golden Nugget.
He's a Golden Nugget.
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

I'm going to crib a format from Hockey Wilderness here and lead the Nugz off with some music.  From now on, I'll just embed whatever song I'm listening to as I work on this post, and then you can listen to it while you read.

In honor of Wisconsin blowing their opportunity with a four star running back recruit and a growing battle between the Athletic Department and the Admissions Office, I give you "Perfect Situation."

This video is doubly good because they attempt to replace Rivers Cuomo with a better looking lead singer.  On to the links!

TCU Football 2015: Defensive Line Preview - Frogs O' War The matchup of the Golden Gophers' O-Line vs. the TCU Horned Frogs' D-Line might be the place where this game is won or lost. In fact, I guarantee these are the units that will decide the game. It will be one hell of a strength-vs.-strength battle.

Big Ten Media Daze Links

You've probably been inundated with stories from the circus already, but that's all the reporting that's out there, so that's what's in the Nugz.  I mostly focused on the Quadrangle here.  Nobody care's about the other teams (except maybe Michigan, and I hate them too much to include them), right?  Also, I didn't include anything real coverage of Iowa because YAWN.

Coaches quotes from Big Ten football media days - Joe C. gives you the highlights from Day 1 of the Media Circus. My favorite comes from Michigan State Spartans Coach Mark Dantonio: "Things hang by inches."

Defending champion Buckeyes pick up where they left off - Joe C. claims the Buckeyes have their issues. Yeah, like where to hide their Heisman candidate QB since they've replaced him with two better ones. Urban Meyer is the greatest coach that has ever lived in any sport.

Gophers football: Iowa still hurting from 2014 beatdown - This one's great if you feel like reliving last year's stomping and drinking in the sweet nectar that is Iowa tears.

Wisconsin's offense, future with Adidas addressed at Big Ten media day - Bucky's 5th QuarterOur friends from B5Q are apparently not huge Adidas fans either.

Wisconsin football: Paul Chryst's return, Badgers' academic standards highlight Big Ten media day - Bucky's 5th Quarter Barry Alvarez is pretty unhappy with Wisconsin's admission policies. He basically says he wants coaches to be able to override the admissions office. Here's hoping the administration digs its heels into the ground and Alvarez quits.

Barry Alvarez seeking changes in admissions appeals process Here's a little more in-depth look at what Alvarez wants changed.

Clement calls Nebraska a "flip phone" - Nebraska - Scout I disagree that this comment "makes" Wisconsin vs. Nebraska a rivalry, but it's a funny comment anyway. Plus, does anyone doubt that Bo Pelini uses a flip phone? I don't.

TDG Dazes

I didn't bother focusing too much on Gophers links, because we already have a whole storystream running for that.  There are currently seventeen entries in the stream, so if you want to not work today, there you go.  Here's a little shameless plug for the article I wrote last night about how the Gophers have the toughest schedule of any team in college football.  It includes a pretty great video, so check it out.  And, just in case you don't feel like checking out the storystream but want to watch Coach Kill's presser, here's a link.

Happy Friday!  Ski-U-Mah!

UPDATE @ 9:18 AM

It doesn't make sense why the NFL sold out Tom Brady | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports I just can't resist adding this epic takedown of Roger Goodell and the NFL for their bizarre conduct with the so called Deflate Gate scandall, the Patriots' punishment, and Tom Brady's suspension. Goodell is a joke, and his egotistical need for players to bow down and kiss his ring is borderline psychotic.