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Jerry Kill Artificial Snow TCU Plan Uncovered!

BREAKING: We've got proof!

⛄⛄⛄❄❄❄BREAKING NEWS❄❄❄⛄⛄⛄

I'm guessing that like most of you, Coach Kill's artificial snow comments were the highlight of his B1G Media Days press conference.

What a great joke, right? WRONG!

The Daily Gopher has uncovered EXCLUSIVE PROOF that Jerry Kill is in fact going to make it snow on September 3rd in TCF Bank Stadium. What I'm about to show you is top secret. Many Bothans died to get us this information.

kill snow forecast

As you can clearly see, ACCUWEATHER is predicting that the Minnesota TCU game will be played under the lights in snow and freezing conditions. This is true, look it up yourself!

To get a little more information into who ACCUWEATHER forecasts as being behind this plan, we turned to TDG's crack image investigation department. Armed with the latest technologies, they have been able to enlarge the photo to see who is at the controls of the SNOW MACHINE OF DEATH.

kill snow enlarge

Hmmm...still a little fuzzy. Crack imaging team, can you enhance and magnify?

kill snow magnify

JERRY KILL WAS SPEAKING THE TRUTH. The never wrong forecasters at ACCUWEATHER are seriously never ever wrong, which means all Minnesota fans should make sure to have their winter gear ready a little earlier this fall.

The Daily Gopher has contacted the University of Minnesota*** for a quote on this matter and we will provide updates as the day progresses. Stay tuned!

***not in any way true