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Minnesota Gophers in Summer League

TDG will provide brief updates on former Gophers trying to make NBA squads

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

As is well known, the Gophers have not had a single player drafted since Kris Humphries. Nonetheless, there are multiple ways to make a NBA roster. One potential avenue is a strong summer league campaign. The League has three summer leagues in Orlando, Utah, and Las Vegas. This year, both Austin Hollins and Mo Walker are playing on teams.

Hollins will play for the Brooklyn Nets, not terribly surprising since his father is the Nets's head coach. So far, Hollins has put up marginal statistics. In two games, he's averaging 12.5 minutes per game, and putting two points and a steal.

Mo Walker will be playing for the Orlando Blue roster. In his only game action, Walker had six points, two rebounds, and an assist in 20 minutes of playing time.

Both players' teams have games today. Hollins and the Nets at 2pm CST against Orlando White. Walker and Orland Blue will play the Indiana Pacers at Noon CST.