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Brick by Brick - Back in a Whole New Way

Videos, posters, and brick, oh my! Brick by Brick in a whole new way. University of Minnesota launches a new website highlighting the Gopher Football team's brick by brick philosophy!

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

BrickByBrick Launch


You don't build a championship team by taking the easy route. It takes preparation. Intelligence. Commitment. You have to hold yourself and others accountable. Get tough, because it's a long road. You need to be relentless. And you can never waiver in your loyalty.

That is how you build championship teams.

You build them Brick by Brick.

(Source: BrickByBrick.Football)

Today is a day that a lot of Gopher fans will be adding a new favorite to their web browsers. The address? BrickbyBrick.Football; no .com needed.

I let the Gophers introduce this website with their own words:

Since December of 2010, Gopher Football has rallied around a saying that emphasizes the process of building a championship team. Every practice, every sprint, every game, every down. It's the mission statement that propels us to get better every day. And now it's your mission too.

In 2015, we're taking you, the Maroon & Gold crowd supporting us, into the minds of the program. We'll be breaking down this mantra at every home game so you know exactly what it means to be a part of Gopher Football.

(Source: BrickByBrick.Football)

As of today, besides the 2015 Campaign Introduction video, you can fine a 7-part poster series that you can download (for printing, desktop/i-phone/android wallpaper. Each of these posters feature one of their 7 values that are the first bricks in the foundation.

  1. Preparation (featuring Mitch Leidner)
  2. Intelligence (featuring Jonah Pirsig, Joe Bjorklund, Jon Christensen, Ben Lauer, & Josh Campion)
  3. Commitment (featuring members of the student section)
  4. Accountability (featuring Peter Mortell, KJ Maye, & Rodrick Williams Jr.)
  5. Toughness (featuring Robert Ndondo-Lay, Gaelin Elmore, Andrew Stelter, Alex Keith, De'Vondre Campbell, Cody Poock, Steven Richardson, Scott Ekpe, Hendrick Ekpe, Jack Lynn, &Theiren Cockran)
  6. Relentless (featuring Damarius Travis, Antonio Johnson, Eric Murray, Briean Boddy-Calhoun, Jalen Myrick, & Craig James)
  7. Loyalty (featuring the coaching staff)

I encourage all of you to check this site out.

Mitch Leidner