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22 Days Till Gopher Football, Craig James and Happy Birthday to Us

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Just 22 days till kickoff and Craig James is today's highlighted Gopher.  But first...


TDG turns 7 today.  PagingJimShikenjanski kicked off coverage with an introduction, a links post and then I gave us a Best Case/Worst Case for the 2008 squad.  It is really amazing how the site has grown, the staff has exploded and how much fun it has been over this time.  Nearly 9,000,000 pageviews and a growing community that keeps me clicking back all day long to see the conversation.  You guys are awesome!

Now back to what you came here for... Gopher Football!

Craig James is #22 and Gopher Football is 22 days away.  One of my favorite commits from the 2014 class and James has been a decent contributor in his freshman season playing in all 13 games and was the team's primary punt returner in the final 9.  The DB from Illinois will certainly be a key member of the corner rotation this year with the chance to utilize his speed and experience for more time next year.