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Welcome New Contributors to TDG

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago we put out a help wanted post seeking new blood to join the TDG staff as contributors.  Well I was a bit shocked to see how much response there was and my inbox filled up with plenty of passionate Gopher fans who wanted to contribute to our community.  I am pleased that I get to introduce you to a handful of new members of the TDG staff.  Give them all a warm welcome and I am looking forward to what is sure to be a successful Gopher Football season this Fall.

IowaGopher will be joining the staff as an editor and is ready to hit the ground running at TGD.  IG was born in Iowa...grew up in Iowa...his family is from Iowa...went to college in Iowa.  So how did he become a Gopher fan?  Well, he just happens to be the smartest Iowan in lame state (apologies to IG who probably likes the state, just never drank the Hawkeye kool-aid).  You can read about his story here and I'm looking forward to his contributions throughout the year.

WhiteSpeedReceiver has been an active member of the TDG community for years and has been contributing over at Off Tackle Empire for a while as well.  He has agreed to join us, at least part-time and plans a weekly look at the B1G West race for us here at TDG.

Wildcat00 has also been an active community member and you often see her quite active in the comments during football season.  She will be doing a weekly recap of what is going on around the Big Ten West.

ilduceGOPHER57 is maybe not as familiar of a name but is going to bring something unique to TDG to begin his staff tenure.  He will be giving us a weekly Gopher Poem throughout the football season.  I think this is going to be kinda fun and unique.  Hope if spurs on more creativity around here.

Goldy Gopher, JD is going to give us a weekly "Analyze This" post that I am very excited to see.  I know that the common assumption/joke is that bloggers are unemployed kids sitting in their mom's basement in their underwear (only part of that is actually true).  The truth is that most of the good blogs around the network are run by or have lawyers on their staff.  Well GGJD gives us lawyer cred.

Dvits14 is very passionate about his Gophers and is going to use his social media skills to give us a weekly Twitter recap.  Those of you without Twitter or those of you who don't want to go searching through feed after feed can get a nice recap of what is being said around the Twitter-verse from Dvits.

It should be made clear that all of these additions are not pigeonholed to just the posts mentioned above that they have all agreed to, but this is the start and their roles should all grow from here.  But I am very excited to have all these additions to the staff and hope it leads to more quantity and quality.