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Illinois Football: Tim Beckman Fired - Minnesota Fans Have Fun On Twitter

Welcome to our very first Stroll Through Twitterland!

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Every week we will be taking a Stroll Through Twitterland to see what people were saying about that Saturday's game. Since we don't have a game to recap this week, I thought I would take everyone through an event that happened Friday that makes Twitter so much fun. I'm talking about the firing of Tim Beckman of course. You're all probably wondering what that has to do with a Gopher blog but bare with me and you will soon see. I lost at least a good hour of production of work when news of this broke because I couldn't stop laughing at my TL. Yes, there are trolls on Twitter and there are some extremely mean spirited things said on Twitter but it can also be a really fun forum when used properly. What took place Friday may fall in line with both of those categories depending on your perspective; to me it was a glorious display of a good old fashioned ribbing and it all started with #Brew4Illini. So let's take a stroll down the rabbit hole shall we.

As soon as soon as the Beckman news broke it was only a matter of time before Gopher fans came out of the woodwork to suggest our favorite former coach should be considered for the Illini job. These are a few of my favorites.

@Crocshots had this to say:

@JDmill came through with a beauty that I think summed up what every single Gopher football fan was feeling.

Well played @JDmill. Well played.

Sometimes the material just writes itself as @FromTheBarn used Brew's own words against him. How did we fall for this stuff anyway?!?

@bradt42 proves a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

@bradt42 provides another photo that makes me question how we all fell for this stuff.

@FrothyGopher reminds us that sometimes the truth hurts.

@HS_BHGP asks a serious question about a coach with this type of resume.

Ok, last one as @MvofDT sums up what we were all truly thinking when a team as dysfunctional as the Illini fire their coach a week before their first game.

Now that we have gotten that schadenfreude out of the way, lets take a step back, be thankful and wish the man who changed the Gopher program's culture (and who gave us hope) a happy birthday.

Tune in next week as there will actually be a game to discuss and our Stroll Through Twitterland will be more Gopher-centric. I just couldn't help but show some examples of what makes Twitter so much fun most of the time.

What were your favorite #Brew4Illini tweets?