OTE Closing Arguments: Rutgers is loving 2015!


OTE's Rutgers blogger is feeling the magic! It's important to note however that this post was written before the Kyle Flood...unpleasantness.

For Rutgers, 2015 is best season ever.

The shine of the Big Ten still hasn't worn off. Seeing the biggest teams in college football come to the banks and watching the boys from Jersey travel to some of the most storied venues in sports still has a newness and excitement that is simply intoxicating. When combined with fine beer, it makes for a great Saturday afternoon.

The fact that we were able to compete in year 1 of the Big Ten was wonderful. Now, it's time to sustain that success. Losing one of the best Rutgers quarterbacks in a century (holy shit I just said that non-ironically) is a big hit, but the team has the talent, depth and leadership (Barchi willing!) to make some noise in 2015.

Run through the non-con. Make a bowl. Beat the goddamn team from Pennsylvania.

Maybe...just, maybe, it all comes together.